Can You Take A Longboard On A Plane? 5 Helpful Tips For Flying With It

Can you take a longboard on a plane? Yes, you can travel by plane with it.

The tip is to make sure your longboard is the right height and weight for you. If not, you’ll have to choose another airline.

Most flights accept skateboards as standard checked luggage. If your board fits in the overhead compartment, most airlines will allow you to bring it on.

On the other hand, low-cost airlines are more likely to require you to check your longboard and charge you for it.

Now let’s look at each airline’s baggage restrictions and the conditions for carrying your board on the plane.

Can You Take A Longboard On A Plane?
Can You Take A Longboard On A Plane?

Can You Take A Longboard On A Plane?

The answer is yes! It is not as difficult as you think when carrying a longboard along. But there are some rules that you need to bear in mind.



Many airlines allow customers to bring longboards on a plane as long as they follow their disciplines. Yet, the rules may be different from airline to airline.

Some airlines are more tolerant in implementing their policies than others.

  • American Airlines

AA’s will charge you the standard check-in luggage fee. A longboard’s maximum weight and dimensions for check-in are 50 pounds and 62 inches.

It’s usually a good idea to remove the trucks and throw them in your suitcase. However, if your longboard is compact enough, you may carry it in your bag.

  • Delta Airlines

Delta accepts skateboards as checked and carry-on luggage. The maximum size for checked luggage is 62 inches, and you won’t have to pay high baggage costs.

  • Southwest Airlines

Southwest allows you to bring a longboard instead of a carry-on or checked bag.

The board is considered a person’s item if it fits beneath the seat and does not need to be in a bag or protected.

If it doesn’t fit beneath the seat, you’ll have to put it with the wheels up in an overhead compartment. In this situation, you must cover the revolutions to avoid damaging other objects in the bin.

The official maximum measurement for a carry-on is 24 x 16 x 10 inches in terms of size.

  • United Airlines

Longboards are acceptable as checked luggage or carry-on by United, while motorized boards are not permitted. The airline may charge you for the first, second, or extra checked bag depending on the number of bags.

  • Alaska Airlines

Alaska officially treats longboards as check luggage and applies for usual costs and exemptions.

As of 2017, they have a new policy on sports equipment, which states that athletic equipment that exceeds the weight and dimensions of standard checked luggage costs $30.

  • Jetblue Airlines

Jetblue also says it will take your longboard as a carry-on or checked item.

They further warn that if you check your longboard, you do it at your own risk; the airline disclaims any responsibility for damage or loss.

Longboard Size

If your longboard is small enough, airlines are more likely to let you bring it on board. If your longboard fits like a glove under the seat, you do not need to put it in the bag or cover it.

It would help if you stowed it with the wheels up not to roll. If it does not fit under your seat, you will have to store it in an overhead compartment with the wheels covered.

Plane Size

If you travel by a small plane, the attendants may not accept your board as a personal possession.


Travel location
Travel location

Airline attendants in the United States are more tolerant about taking boards on planes than those in Europe.

Longboards can be considered a weapon at airports throughout the EU. This truth works with both decks and trucks.

Packing Method

The best method to take your longboard in an airplane is to disassemble it into separate parts. Leave your trucks in your backpack and attach your deck with straps. The crews will not bother you if you load your board most stably feasible.

Tips For Flying With A Longboard

There are some things you can do to fly with a longboard. Allow us to make a few suggestions.

Contact The Airline Company Beforehand.

Contact the airline first
Contact the airline first

The first thing to check is if the airline you chose allows your longboards as check-in or carry-on luggage. If necessary, you should surf the internet for detailed information.

Inform them of the exact measurements of your longboard. Tell them how much your longboard weighs, how long it is, and how wide it is.

You can even get assistance from their customer service representatives on how to handle your longboard from the check-in to the boarding process.

Protect Your Gear

The second factor you should care about is protecting your longboards from possible damage. This advice is compulsory for customers who want to bring longboards on a plane.

Otherwise, you’ll arrive at your destination with a broken longboard and no idea where to get a new one. It is a must to buy a specialized bag made for skateboards and longboards to ensure it is safe.

To protect the longboard deck, travelers usually use bubble wraps. There is a truth that scratches, dings, and other forms of damage are most commonly found on the board’s nose and tail.

However, you can be more confident that your board will reach its destination undamaged with this helpful tool.

Arrive At The Airport Early

Arrive at the airport early
Arrive at the airport early

Another piece of advice is that you should be punctual. It is essential if you come to the airport several hours before boarding.

Every traveler knows that if you’re flying domestically, you should arrive at the airport two hours before your scheduled flight and at least three hours if you’re flying internationally.

Allow enough time for yourself, the airport officer, and the flight attendants to check your booked ticket and suitcase. Alternatively, you risk having your month-long shared adventure postponed due to your lateness.

Decide The Transport Method.

Which is better for having your longboard as carry-on luggage or as checked luggage? Fees and airline luggage regulations may influence the decision.

When it comes to carry-on and checked bags, each airline has its own rules. As a passenger, you must be aware of the airline’s restrictions on the size of objects.

They also have policies about carrying sporting equipment. Because longboards fall within this category, be sure to study them carefully.

Pack Your Stuff

A microfiber towel is a must-bring object for any longboarder, especially on a trip. This type of towel dries quickly and is small enough to fit inside a backpack. You will need it when cleaning your trucks or wheels.

Instead of bringing extra shoes, replace them with more breaking soles and a sliding puck. Also, bring your helmet and longboarding gear if you are serious about longboarding racing.

You will also need a smaller backpack with separate compartments for your wheels. It is necessary because wheels are usually dirty, and you don’t want to stain the rest of your bag.

Additionally, do this if you do not want to spend more money to repair your board after the flight. When you are on your plane, do not forget to put your board grip tape down if you leave it in the overhead compartment.

In this way, there are still available rooms for other backpacks. Do the same action even when your board is under the seat.

In this video, a skater talked about his trip with a longboard on a plane. Enjoy it and get some tips!


Although most airlines permit skateboards and longboards on flights, not all of them will allow you to take them with you.

It would help to wrap your longboard appropriately to preserve it from harm. Remove the truck to make it leaner and flatter, and strap it to your bag.

Last but not least, be friendly and calm with the staff, and try to avoid European and low-cost flights as much as possible!

Those are our tips for the topic: can you take a longboard on a plane?

Thank you for reading! Have a nice trip!

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