The Volador Longboard Reviews: My Final 5 Perfect Options For 2023

VOLADOR longboards always stand out thanks to their excellent designs and unique decorative patterns.

Each model of this brand’s plank carries a miniature work of art on the surface. This design creates an impressive style for the owner.

But apart from aesthetics, are VOLADOR products worth the money? What are the most popular versions of this brand?

In the VOLADOR longboard review article below, I will help you answer these questions most fully. Check it out now!

VOLADOR Longboard Overview

This brand is part of the Orca Steel Enterprise. This Hong Kong-based group is the owner of many famous outdoor sports brands.

To expand the business market, they have developed their brand of skateboards.

The brand’s target customers range from beginners to professional athletes. Therefore, there is diversity in the design of VOLADOR’s models.

This manufacturer also sets somewhat draconian guidelines for the entire production process.

The boards have to go through complex assembly and a lot of harsh testing. The output product is therefore always of excellent quality or higher.

The designers also use different and unique textures on the board’s surface. Each model has different images to attract users’ attention.

The Volador Longboard Reviews In 2023

Although it is gradually asserting its appeal, this brand has not yet made too many outstanding impressions.

I purchased and extended my test period on various models for months. Finally, the 5 great products below are the final list that I recommend.

#1. 42inch Freeride Complete CruiserBest for Beginners

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Product highlights

Specially designed for beginner’s high impact strength, the 42inch Freeride Complete Cruiser can save you a lot of replacement or repair costs.

This product has fantastic durability. The board can withstand tremendous pressure thanks to the 8-layer hardwood floor and the monolithic aluminum alloy shaft.

Even when two other friends and I tried to get on the board, there was no damage. Drop testing after hard also obtained good results as I expected.

The flexibility allows the board to move more smoothly on flat terrain. The test site is an open asphalt road about 300m long. It’s incredible, and I could finish this track safely despite trying to shake it hard to test its stability.

Surfing on rough surfaces is a big challenge, even for an expert like me. Yet, with the 42inch Freeride Complete Cruiser, the excellent control feeling and stability surprised me quite a bit.

The manufacturer has integrated many high-quality accessories such as 78A PU wheels and durable 10-inch bearings to achieve such excellent performance.


  • High stability
  • Flexible
  • Enduring
  • Move on unstable surfaces


  • Slow movement speed

#2. 40inch Maple Longboard – Basic CruiserBest for Flexibility

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Product highlights

If you are looking for a particular version for tight areas, the 40inch Maple longboard will be the first choice you should try.

It is suitable for us to carry around without fear of taking up space. This model is 40 inches long, a reasonable number for balancing controllability and portability.

I tried comparing the 40inch Maple longboard with a 36inch product in the same high-traffic alley and 2 sharp turns. The result was surprising as the new 40inch board was the winner.

Although it is more difficult to weave through obstacles, the Volador board’s flexibility allows me to overcome the barriers easily. Coming to the corners, it seemed to perform exceptionally well to help me handle it with no errors.

Busy roads require skateboards with perfect mobility. Therefore, the manufacturer has a very suitable plan to develop the board.

The actual weight of this version is about ‎3.15 Kilograms, enough for an adult to carry around easily.

I’m not an overly athletic or muscular guy. With a weight of 75 pounds, I used to take the 40inch Maple longboard for about 1km to my training place every day.

The customizable wheelbase also contributes significantly to the product’s mobility. It allows us to glide in directions more easily.

To clarify this detail, I used a plank with a shaft deflected at an angle of about 20 degrees to move three times around the house. Skateboarding in a circle is not simple, but with the changes, the control of the movements is smoother.


  • Reasonable length
  • Easy to carry around
  • The wheel shaft is adjustable
  • Good handling


  • Poor durability

#3. Volador 46inch Dancing LongboardBest for Performance

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Product highlights

There will be several products specially designed for demonstration purposes, and the 46inch Maple Dancing is one of them. This template possesses almost all the features needed for you to perform special techniques.

The design of the 46inch Maple Dancing is quite remarkable. Instead of a pointed or oval tip, this product has a round and elongated one. It is a characteristic style for technical performance.

When performing complex tricks, you must use both hands and feet to work together. It won’t be easy to grip if the headboard is designed in a conventional style. I once tried to flip with a beginner product with a pointed tip.

This action requires the performer to touch and set the plank in the air. As a result, I couldn’t reach the top of the board and failed to flip the product.

The 46×10 deck size and a 37-inch wheelbase that the 46inch Maple Dancing holds are appropriate. The similarity between the show board and the beginner’s one lies in the wide surface to place feet at every point.

When landing after performing the skill, it is challenging to master the drop on the board. I’ve tried putting my feet squarely and randomly on landing.

There was not a single situation where there was a problem. Even more, control came back quickly to give me better technical control.


  • The right design
  • Balanced size
  • Quickly restore control state
  • Suitable for many complex techniques


  • Unstable operation at high speed

#4. VOLADOR 42inch Complete CruiserBest for Stability

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Product highlights

As a product focused on stability, VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Complete Cruiser will suit a variety of uses.

The construction of the 42inch Freeride is a combination of many elements to optimize stability. Thick boards, aluminum wheel hubs, and impact-absorbing ABEC-9 bearings are mechanisms with a certain amount of endurance.

Its immense weight has helped us minimize accidents caused by instability. With stable products, I don’t just experiment with regular shaking. Instead, I decided to rush downhill on the road full of obstacles.

I do not recommend doing it this way because the risk of an accident is very high if you do not have enough handling experience. Despite being a harsh test method, the VOLADOR 42inch Freeride does a great job of keeping balance.

I rushed at a speed of 20km/h on a dirt road, a small stone road, and a flat road. On the rocky road, the phenomenon occurs but is still under control.

The VOLADOR 42inch Freeride is also suitable for daily practice because of its stability and eye-catching design. The planetary motifs on the board are enough to attract everyone’s eyes and make you stand out.


  • High stability
  • Less vibration
  • Suitable for many uses
  • Beautiful textures


  • Quite heavy

Should You Buy A Volador Longboard?

The short answer is Yes. To me, VOLADOR is a brand that owns many valuable boards, especially the 5 products above.

The manufacturer has also developed various templates to cater to beginners and professionals. So, choosing a suitable plank model is easier for you.

Stability and texture are the most critical factors if you’re a newbie. And 42 inch Freeride Complete Cruiser is the perfect version to meet these requirements.

Meanwhile, the professional VOLADOR series will fully meet the requirements of the experienced user group. Not all versions are worth the same. But indeed, the VOLADOR longboard models are still my favorite.


What are the outstanding features of Volador longboards?

The combination of design, excellent build quality, and aesthetics is the key to the quality of this brand. We also cannot ignore the variety in designs, making the product suitable for more groups of users.

Is the VOLADOR 46-inch Maple suitable for dancing?

The 46-inch Maple Dancing is a particular case. This product has features, from optimizing force and traction to shock absorption, so it is suitable for dancing.

Do VOLADOR longboards provide the chance to tighten up the trucks?

You don’t need to worry about this. The models allow us to tighten the wheel hubs between 45 and 50 degrees.

Each level of change will impact the performance of the product. We can take advantage of these changes to make the device more stable.


Through this VOLADOR longboard review article, you can see that this brand has many excellent performance versions.

The ideal products I listed above will probably convince the most demanding people. What about your opinion? Please leave a comment to let us know!

Thank you for reading!

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