Junli Longboard Review: Top 5 Worth Buying Versions You Should Not Miss

Are you passionate about a longboarder’s speed and want to improve it quickly?

Junli longboard is the perfect recommendation. Compared to traditional models, Junli versions stand out in terms of construction, durability, and performance.

In this Junli longboard review, I detail the pros and cons of the top 5 most expensive versions, so you can choose the right one easily.

I will also guide you with buying tips through my own experience.

Junli Longboard Overview

The Junli longboard is a complete product line with many significant improvements in design, performance, and maximum load capacity.

These skateboards have an average length of about 100 – 110cm and a width of 7 – 9.5 inches. This parameter is ideal for making your rides safe.

Junli also exemplifies impressive durability by manufacturing high-quality materials and solid construction.

The material commonly used for making this long skateboard is sturdy maple wood and reputable aluminum trucks. So, it helps to create admirable durability and value for your experience.

Above all, you should choose Junli longboard for your user requirements for several reasons:

  • Toughness: With conventional products, the hardness is only 70A. Meanwhile, the excellent Junli offers high rigidity up to 80A, allowing larger maximum weight loads.
  • Smooth wheels: Your every ride with this skateboard will be incredibly soft and comfortable because of the exclusive wheels. They come with high elastic PU support so as not to affect the feel of your foot.
  • Sustainability: If you are looking for sustainability, the Junli longboard is an excellent suggestion. It helps you make many trips with technical processing phases for years.

Types Of Junli Longboard

Like many other product lines, Junli Longboard produces many different types of boards. The most prominent are cruiser, carver, freeride, freestyle, and dance.


Jaw cruiser is a particular version dedicated to beginners for everyday use.

This board is suitable for traveling around with friends or used as a modern means of transport.

Cruisers usually have a pintail shape, similar to a traditional surfboard. It also has large, smooth wheels for a lighter, more comfortable ride.

This skateboard is increasingly popular because of its ease of use, high safety, and stability. Yet, its low mobility is not suitable for professional practitioners.


If you want to experience the feeling of surfing in the snow, carver is the best choice for you.

This version is quite similar to the longboard cruiser. But, they have a deeper recess to keep your foot stable to lean over for complex techniques.

Compared to conventional planks, the carver’s wheels are the most smooth.

It uses unique wheels with high friction for easy movement in all weather conditions. This type can work for you even if you want to go downhill.


Freeride is suitable for many different slides. It has high-quality wheels made from urethane compounds for more meaningful surface contact.

But, they are pretty rigid on gravel roads. If you’re not careful, your legs will lose stability and fall forward.

There will be a variety of sizes and shapes for you to choose from. Their graphics are also awe-inspiring and different.

To ensure a safe experience with freeride, you should wear full protective gear.


Freestyle longboards are more significant than regular skateboards, making them more accessible and convenient.

Premium material with perfect rigidity can accommodate oversized objects.

The performance of this model is also quite impressive, providing a steady speed to ensure your ride safety.

However, this product line is not a great choice if you want to speed things up to perform your tricks.


If you want to use the skateboard as a valuable form of transportation, this longboard is a great suggestion.

They feature a simple design with subtle textures for comfort throughout your journey. These boards provide a smooth and light ride on all different surfaces.

Like freestyle, this board is unsuitable for performing highly specialized tricks.

The Junli Longboard Reviews Of 2022

I have actually experienced many different Junli longboards. Here are the 5 best candidates for your requirements. Read on to get an objective view of the pros and cons of each product!

#1. Grey Zone Junli Longboard – Best for Overall

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Important Specifications

  • Plank length: 104 cm
  • Board width: 9.5 inches
  • Stiffness: 80A
  • Material: Maple Wood

Product highlights

This board’s comprehensive design, materials, and performance are best for your long hauls with different surfaces. This version has the standard size to put 2 feet comfortably and perform many spectacular and professional turns.

But is it as durable as advertised? Using this skateboard, you can rest assured of its rigidity and durability.

After more than 2 years, I haven’t noticed any deterioration, and it’s still working well for me to ship my vegetables to my grocery store quickly.

I feel most excited about this version is the ability to operate smoothly and gently. Despite traveling long distances on rocky ground, they did not affect me.

However, they will be pretty challenging to navigate on narrow streets. Their size is overwhelming. If you try to cross it on purpose, you might get stuck in it.


  • Quiet operation
  • Sharp graphics
  • Affordable price
  • The most perfect overall
  • Used for many different purposes


  • Not suitable for small streets

#2. Sea Blue Junli Freeride Longboard – Best for Wheels Quality

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Important Specifications

  • Plank length: 104cm
  • Board width: 9.5 inches
  • Stiffness: 80A
  • Material: Maple Wood

Product highlights

The Sea Blue version focuses on developing the wheel system to provide the smoothest user experience. With this valuable skateboard, your route will be safer and more stable.

Their ability to handle the speed of their professional spins is outstanding. It is dedicated to those who already have experience skateboarding to improve their level of expertise.

So is it suitable for beginners? From my experience, I affirm that newbies can use the 41-inch Sea Blue Junli as a definitive version for training. It is easy to operate and gives a sense of security to the user.

Being extroverted and always excited about travel, I was pretty disappointed in the product’s compactness. I couldn’t bring it for my vacation trip because of its weight and size.

It is a powerful support tool for moving to my store. And I take note of that.


  • Tough
  • Long-lasting
  • Stable speed
  • Ideal performance
  • High-quality wheel system


  • Inflexible

#3. Floral Junli 41-inch Freeride Longboard – Best for Graphic Design

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Important Specifications

  • Plank length: 104cm
  • Board width: 9.5 inches
  • Stiffness: 80A
  • Material: Maple Wood

Product highlights

With this version, the thing that impressed me the most was the graphics.

They depict vivid everyday images that increase my comfort each time I use them. I gave this skateboard to my best friend, and she loves it.

It’s durable and sturdier than my initial reviews. Directly shipping more than 90 pounds of assorted vegetables to the store, this Junli model convinced me.

It is lighter and more flexible than any other product in my collection.

The shipping requirements are so good, what about training? It even makes perfect for the training function.

This skateboard is ideal for advanced swing performance by beginner athletes.

For starters, they’re not helpful. Its price is reasonable. Even though I’m a salesman with a tight salary, it didn’t take too much of my savings to pick one up.


  • Impressive graphics
  • Sustainable and sure
  • High-quality material
  • Flexible for carrying when traveling
  • Used for training to improve the level


  • Not suitable for beginners

#4. Blue Fly Fish Junli 41-inch Freeride – Best for Standard Size

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Important Specifications

  • Plank length: 104cm
  • Board width: 10.2 inches
  • Stiffness: 80A
  • Material: Maple Wood

Product highlights

Standard sizes with larger widths than other versions help you quickly improve your play. Accordingly, your feet will be firmly fixed on the board’s surface to perform many accurate turns.

This model comes with a 7-inch alloy truck for quick responsiveness and handling. I was shocked by their activity by making many trips on the gravel road to my house. It was surprisingly smooth and didn’t have any incidents or vibrations that came to me.

Testing on more bumpy roads, it’s great that this version can still guarantee absolute safety for me.

The next highlight that makes me more excited about this product is its color.

They are a combination of blue and black with stimulating motifs. I like this colorway because it’s what I’m most excited about.


  • Standard size
  • Smooth trip
  • Flexibility
  • 7-inch wheels
  • Suitable for many objects of use


  • Noise when operating

#5. Fantasy Junli 41-inch Freeride Longboard – Best for Load capacity

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Important Specifications

  • Plank length: 104cm
  • Board width: 9.5 inches
  • Stiffness: 80A
  • Material: Maple Wood

Product highlights

What to do when the body and weight are too big? Can the Junli skateboard handle this overwhelming body weight? Indeed, a lot of people have had a hard time finding the right longboard, and so have I.

But when I saw this product, all my worries wholly disappeared. The skate can load up to 330lbs, which is about three times my actual weight, which is a great advantage of this version.

This version also epitomizes the strength of effective waterproofing. Traveling in the rain for a long time, I encountered no difficulties.

The surface of the skateboard comes with a friction pad that keeps your feet in place for more safety when moving.

At the same time, it helps to increase the anti-slip ability for users to operate safely. What bothers me the most about them is the price. The current price is not in line with the features it offers.

That cost may not seem too expensive to me, but it is impractical compared to the actual quality of the product.


  • Lightly
  • Durable
  • Large maximum payload
  • Effective anti-slip ability
  • Suitable for moving in light rain


  • Short warranty


Each of the questions will help you answer precisely the questions I often get from beginners. I will put together each one and give some specific explanations.

Is the Junli longboard worth it?

Yes. They are better than any other skateboard brand on the market. These versions possess a unique, definitive design and indeed admirable construction.

Graphics on the plank floor are focused on developing to bring the most comfortable feeling to users.

If you have not found a good version, you can entirely refer to the products I recommend above.

How often should skis be serviced?

To make sure your boards work, you need to check them monthly. If you are too busy, you can serve them at least every three months.

This way, your training or transportation will be safer.

Can Junli longboards be used for freight?

Entirely possible. Junli longboards come in standard sizes, making transport more accessible and efficient.


The Junli brand has created a tremendous long table with premium quality and design. These boards are versatile and user-friendly yet are multi-heavy-adapted for any road surface.

Through the above Junli longboard review, I have provided you with the top 5 perfect models, in my opinion. What’s your opinion?

Leave a comment if you just found the right one. Thank you for reading!

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