The Magneto Longboard Reviews 2023: Top 4 Best Picks For Beginners & Pro

Among the many established skateboard brands, why are more and more professional athletes choosing products from Magneto?

The correct answer may be an extremely dynamic design with a much lower price than competitors. These advantages make Magneto longboard models with outstanding quality and price.

In this Magneto longboard review, I will give you the top 4 most popular versions of this brand for you to consider. Let’s find the right one now!

Top 4 Worth-Buying Magneto Longboard Reviews

There are many Magneto longboard products for you to consider. It took me more than five months to test and experience the famous products of this brand.

#1. Magneto 44-inch Cruiser LongboardBest for Beginners

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Product highlights

Don’t let the looks of the Magneto 44-inch Kicktail Cruiser fool you. Although it looks like a board for professionals, this product is for newbies.

The features available on the product support very well for getting used to and practicing freestyle skateboarding.

The board’s large surface should provide flexible handling. In my experience, the product’s performance is above expectations. The board does a great job by turning, stopping, or even moving through unstable surfaces.

If I had a product like the 44-inch Magneto, my learning to skateboard would not have been too difficult. This Kicktail Cruiser model is inherently heavy in volume, a factor I am not too surprised to realize on the board for newbies.

When I tried surfing, I felt the speed could be achieved relatively quickly compared to what I expected. The board even outperformed some of the pro equipment I’ve used.

There are not many ways to overcome the weight problem. To compensate for the weight, the manufacturer has applied aerodynamic designs.

The speed-optimized spike allowed me to complete the 100m in about 5 seconds. It was a number that even I was surprised to measure.

The Magneto 44-inch Kicktail Cruiser is quite durable. To test the board’s resistance, I tried to free fall it from a height of 10m and hit the wall.

Unexpectedly, only some scratches appear on the surface. For newbies, collisions are inevitable, and this feature will make your movement safer.


  • Durable
  • Large surface
  • Impressive top speed
  • Suitable for newbies


  • Too heavy to perform complex techniques

#2. Hana Longboard Skateboard CollectionBest for Stability

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Product highlights

From above, the Hana longboard is no different from a surfboard, which helps maintain maximum balance and stability.

The board’s surface will be significant in this unique design with bulging sides. This design maximizes the contact area with the skater’s foot.

It’s convenient for someone like me who often crosses their legs while surfing. I also tried using horizontal placement to test the stability of the board.

It is often difficult to maintain balance when changing the direction the foot is pointing. But surprisingly, I could still keep the board stable for more than 200m.

I think up/down and swiping right and left are much easier on this version. The board is quite large, but thanks to the board’s flexibility, the difficulty of control is no longer there.

In a time when I accidentally got lost in a problematic alley, the more I was sure of the board’s ability to operate.

A sharp turn, 2 right turns, and 1 left turn near the intersection are complex challenges for any professional. But Hana Longboard still helps me handle them.

Here is the practical experience on street:


  • High stability
  • Easy operation
  • Flexible plank shaft
  • Surfboard simulation design


  • Simple and boring design

#3. Magneto Slot Longboard SkateboardBest for Speed

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Magneto Slot Machine longboard is an excellent choice if you are a speed enthusiast. This board will give you the ultimate high-speed surfing experience.

Its design is relatively challenging to get used to, even for an experienced person like me. It took me a whole week to master the controls. So don’t be surprised if you need a specific time to get used to it.

The curved and pointed head helps the airflow to work better when we rush. I feel like a breath of air is pushing me away when standing on this model.

While traveling against the wind at 25km/h, gliding is not too much of a problem. Its speed, just like that, remained at an amazingly high level.

New Magneto equips this product with 9 slicks ABEC racing bearings for improved speed. The flexibility of the 9 slicks was most evident when I glided quickly on bumpy roads. The bearings will reduce friction to the maximum to prevent shock, and your movement will be smoother.

Even when I tripped over a big rock, I still didn’t see much change in the steering feel. The wheel is also a detail that I do not overlook. Some boards I’ve tried often get stuck when operating at high speed.

However, Shore 78A does not have this problem. Nothing dangerous happened when I tried to plunge down a slope at 30km/h.


  • Quality bearings
  • Good stability
  • Impressive wheel
  • Suitable design for high-speed operation


  • Hard to get used to.

#4. Magneto Bamboo Fiber LongboardsBest for Flexibility

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The flexibility of Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber comes from many different factors. The floor construction material is the most crucial detail.

The manufacturer has combined bamboo and fiberglass to make this product. Therefore, its weight is relatively light, only about 8 pounds.

According to my many years of experience, bamboo boards always give skaters a feeling of lightness. Magneto Bamboo is no exception when accelerating with the board from 0 to 20km/h only takes me about 4 seconds.

The low weight allows for more effortless performance. The board I often use to practice my techniques is also bamboo. I can do complicated tricks like spinning or flipping with Magneto Bamboo partly because of its impressive weight.

However, bamboo is perishable and lacks certainty. Therefore, the manufacturer has added fiberglass to reinforce the structure.

The result is a lightweight, flexible, and durable product. This board is so durable that it can handle a low center of gravity flip I take.

It would surely crumble after such a strong impact if it weren’t hard enough.

The product surface is relatively small compared to many other Magneto versions. But it is this design that allows me easy access to its corners.

If you don’t know, most of the problematic techniques need to combine both hands and feet. So this feature is handy for me to practice with complex technical demonstrations.


  • Lightweight
  • Enduring
  • Effective acceleration
  • Easy to implement techniques


  • Not for newbies

Quick Rundown Of Magneto Longboard

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Magneto longboard that I’ve learned from experimenting with different models. Based on this information, I believe you can make your choice.


  • The price is much lower than the general price
  • High build quality despite the low cost
  • Combine multiple materials, including fiberglass, wood, and bamboo, to make the skateboard
  • Offers a wide selection of small to medium and large sizes (from 35 to 44 inches)
  • Diverse construction with many designs from bamboo drop-through, blunt nose to pintail, cut out or dancer
  • Wide range of indentations to suit a wide range of requirements
  • Suitable for a variety of uses from beginners to experienced customers
  • Wheels are constructed of high-quality compounds with good grip and high slip resistance
  • Flexible bearings increase the stability of the entire board
  • The shaft is solid due to its homogenous origin from solid aluminum
  • Dedicated customer care department


  • Loosen easily at the axle connections
  • Needs improvement in adhesive tape and shock resistance

Should You Buy A Magneto Longboard?

Magneto makes many versions with the most competitive prices.

Therefore, even if you already have a training board, I think you should still buy one to experience the new things this product offers.

Their excellent stability and flexibility, which is not easy to find in cheap ones, are well worth your investment. It costs you half or a third of the average price.

Magneto skateboards are even more suitable for beginners who are gradually perfecting their skills. Getting started with these products will help you progress quickly with the most realistic feel.


These models of Magneto-branded boards are born to serve different purposes. With this variety, it’s also difficult for newbies to pick the right one.

To know more and more about Magneto skateboards, you should not ignore the frequently asked questions below.

Are Magneto cruisers good?

In addition to standard products, Magneto also develops cruiser board models.

The quality of this compact board is not inferior to other basic models. Magneto cruisers also possess many other impressive safety features to be especially suitable for children.

How long is the magneto mini-cruiser?

Magneto mini cruisers have a base length of about 27.5 “and a wheelbase of 18”. This compact product line allows you to carry the board anywhere easily.

With this maneuverability, Magneto mini cruisers are ready in tight spaces.

What is the difference between a penny board and a cruiser?

You can tell the difference between a penny board and a cruiser by observing the structure and construction materials.

Cruisers are usually larger and sturdier than penny lines because of the primary wood structure. Meanwhile, Penny is usually made from pure plastic.


My experience with Magneto longboards has been pretty good in many respects.

Maybe you do not entirely agree with my point of view. Hopefully, this Magneto longboard review will give you another perspective on the brand’s products.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact us directly via email. Thanks for following this post.


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