Top 9 Types Of Longboards You Can Choose Right Now!

Do you understand the importance of having a suitable skateboard model but don’t know what to pay attention to when choosing?

Not the size or the material; the first thing you need to pay attention to is the types of longboards. If you do not have much knowledge on this subject, this article is for you. Let’s scroll down to read more information!

Types Of Longboards
Types Of Longboards

What Is A Longboard?

Longboards, as the name suggests, are a pretty impressive skateboard length.

The floor of traditional skateboards will have a length of about 28 – 32”, but the maximum floor length of a longboard can be up to 60”.

In addition to the size, the composition of the longboard’s parts is remarkable. A complete longboard will include a deck, truck, and wheels.


Decks are mainly birch, maple, or bamboo. In particular, bamboo is the ideal material because it is pretty light, flexible, and durable.

In addition to wood, manufacturers also use fiberglass and carbon fiber to make decks. This material will create decks that are light but still strong enough.

The length of the deck is also variable. You have three main options: short with sizes ranging from 22 to 31”; medium with lengths from 32 to 42” and long with sizes from 43” and up.


The longboard will consist of two trucks, one at the fore of the deck and one at the rear. Both vehicles are responsible for connecting the deck to the wheels and coordinating the skis’ direction.


There is no set standard for wheel sizes. Each type of skateboard, with different widths and contact pads, will have separate wheels. The most common size is 70mm; however, the wheel can be flexibly from 55mm to 100mm.

9 Types Of Longboards

The dimensions of the above parts are constantly changing. The design style of each type of skateboard significantly affects that change.

To better understand, you can refer to the following information:

Cruiser Longboards

Cruiser version
Cruiser version

Most racers will start their career with cruiser skateboards. Explaining this preference, it must be that the design is more straightforward and essential than any other design.

This type of skateboard has a board that sits on top of the truck. The board of this skateboard has a ponytail shape that is quite similar to a surfboard.

Also, thanks to this design, the product brings a relatively quiet experience.

It makes the feeling smooth on the wheel, quite large and smooth. Thanks to that, the product can roll easily on all roads, even sidewalks.

With all the above characteristics, it is not difficult to understand why this type of design is so popular. You can use longboard cruiser models to teach yourself to race, cruise, and even carve.

Carver Longboards

Carver longboards have a design quite similar to the cruiser above. The most significant difference is that the curve on the top of the plank is more concave.

Thanks to this feature, the player’s feet can be better fixed on the board, even when leaning.

The only problem you can complain about this design is that the connection between the truck and the board is a bit loose due to a spacer separating it.

Manufacturers have a reason to do this. Placing the truck loosely will help reduce wheel biting. The addition of spacers will also help increase the height.

You will be slightly above the ground when using this model. The feeling this type of product gives will be similar to the experience of using a snowboard.

The product will require you to lean over instead of sliding as usual. That is also why experts are always interested in this type of skateboard.

Freeride Longboards

Freeride  version
Freeride  version

Freeride-style skateboards will have holes in the board to hang bolts underneath the truck. Therefore, unlike the design above, the freerides allow the player to sit closer to the ground.

The unique feature of this design is also in the board part. More specifically, some products also have double drops.

The appearance of double drops will contribute to the further lowering of the plank. As a result, players have better control and can comfortably support their feet when performing different techniques.

Another feature of this design is the urethane wheel part. This compound has long been known for its stiffness and a good release, even when used on high-speed slides.

During races, the wheels of this particular material will leave “thane” lines on the ground. And racers often use these lines to determine who goes to the track.

With all of the above in design, the freeride is, as the name suggests, a forgiving grip that works well with various slides and speeds.

If you choose to use this type of skateboard, you need to pay attention to preparing pads and helmets. After that, you are ready to do speed racing with freeriding.

Freestyle Longboards

Freeride and freestyle are often confused with each other. However, freestyle skateboards have many differences you cannot find in freeride.

First, freestyle is more flexible. Products in this style feature gliding but can also move on flat ground instead of just being suitable for gliding like a free ride.

The freestyle has a softer floor while the wheels are stiffer. With this product, you also have plenty of space to move around and practice your techniques.

You can perform kicks and other signature techniques on street skateboards.

Push Longboards

Push longboards are not a product suitable for races and climbs. Even when you do swing techniques, the deck of this product can touch the ground.

Instead of using in races, push boards would be more suitable for casual travel.

This style of skateboard supports truck adjustment for the most comfortable riding experience. In addition, the medium-sized wheels of this product also help maximize the pushing space. Thanks to that, you can not be caught and can move from one place to another quickly and comfortably.

Dance Longboards

Dance version
Dance version

As the name suggests, this type of product has the main task of acting as a stand for players to perform beautiful jumps.

To complete the above task, manufacturers have maximized the deck area. The larger the deck area, the more space the user has to perform techniques like turns and boardwalks.

In addition to the size, the difference between this type of skateboard is also in the board’s surface. The plank will be flat in the middle and slightly curved at the ends. The panel will mount on and in a much higher position than a series of previously introduced skateboards.

To control this type of board, you must have excellent balance. You also have to be ready to fall while experimenting with new techniques.

It will be pretty tricky for beginners to learn these skills. Therefore, most people new to skateboarding often start with cruiser longboards and switch to using this type of skateboard.

Because of the unique size and design, this type of skateboard is usually only suitable as a stand for jumping moves.

In addition, you can also slide up small slopes with this model. However, jumping skates will not be a wise choice if you are looking for a racing board or product that can slide downhill quickly and safely.

Downhill Longboards

The downhill longboards have high rigidity, applying many new manufacturing techniques. Another feature of this design is lowering the top rack, enhancing the user’s controllability.

The wheel is also a great point of this product. Compared to other types of skateboards, the downhill wheels are stiffer and have better grip.

The downhill skateboard models will have a pretty unique attack path. The board will have a W-shaped concave curve, making it more comfortable for players to put their feet on.

Speed and safety are the experiences that this type of design is all about. With this skateboard model, it will be harder for you to turn around. Yet, you can confidently slide downhill at full speed when using this type of skateboard.

Even in some cases downhill, when using this type of skateboard, you can move at speeds up to 70 km/h. However, to ensure safety in this case, you need to attach a foot bar to fix the position, combined with standard protective clothing.

Drop Through Longboards

Drop Through
Drop Through

Drop-through longboards have a design quite similar to the basic skateboard models. The most significant difference between this type of product is the cut on the deck and the truck part that matches the amount.

With the above reasonably simple design, you can use this product to perform several techniques. From high-speed flying to low-speed engraving or freestyle racing, you can enjoy the experience this design offers.

More specifically, drop though also allows you to control the direction and adjust the speed flexibly. However, because of their versatility, these products do not have the power that professional racers always want.

Besides, this type of design will not work stably on some platforms. For example, the product’s low front deck design will disappoint you in sharp turns.

Bamboo Longboards

Bamboo is one of the best materials for making skateboards because bamboo is light, flexible, and durable.

These advantages have created a great attraction for young people. Bamboo skateboard models accompany you on every picnic, backpacking, and more.

The only problem with this skateboard style is that it is pretty challenging to replace the wheels. Yet, with a low price and excellent flexibility, skateboard models made of this material are still an option worth considering.

How To Choose The Right Longboard?

How to pick the right one
How to pick the right one

Once you’ve chosen the right skateboard style, you’re probably anxious to know other essential considerations. Here are a few things you should consider to find the most suitable product.

Deck size and wheelbase

If you value stability, look for large deck and wheelbase products. Although the large board portion will probably affect the product’s portability, it will provide better high-speed processing.

In addition to the length, you need to pay attention to the height of the deck.

Products with a deck much higher than the ground will be less stable and difficult to break. With these, you can almost only lean over during the slide.

Meanwhile, the lower floor will be more stable. Beginners should be familiar with low-foot products because they are easier to push and control.


There are many types of trucks to choose from, each suitable for a different driving style.

For example, the reverse kingpin truck model will have good turning ability. Meanwhile, the traditional truck design is more suitable for free riders.

In addition to the style, you also need to consider the truck’s width. For products with a floor less than 8.5”, the track width will be 150mm. Whereas if the floor width is more than 8.5”, the truck must have a minimum width of 180mm.

If you love carving, you will also need to pay attention to the angle between the deck and the shaft, ensuring the floor tilt is always at the ideal level.


The larger the wheel, the faster the skateboard. However, not all skateboards with giant wheels are the ideal choice.

The suitability of the wheel also depends on the stiffness and grip. Complicated wheel models will roll well on smooth surfaces but cannot handle rough surfaces well and vice versa.


You can now find some other variations of longboards. However, the names above represent the most popular types of longboards today.

Hopefully, through the above introduction, you have somewhat understood the properties of each type of product. From there, there is a basis for making the most suitable choice. Thank you for reading!

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