How Much Do Longboards Cost? We’ve Got The Answer for You!

How much do longboards cost? What is the reasonable amount of money to spend on these products? Do you really need an expensive longboard?

The price may be the first thing we look at when buying a longboard. The longboards vary significantly in prices in different product lines. It is determined by many factors like the material, quality, and features of a longboard.

If you find it challenging to choose a suitable longboard price, don’t skip this post. I will discuss the price ranges of this product in detail and help you make a wiser purchase decision. Continue reading, and I will show you!

What Are Longboards?

Longboards are a popular type of skateboard that come in various shapes and sizes. Typically, a longboard features more high-quality hardware and bigger wheel sizes, giving users a higher riding speed than the other categories.

Longboards provide a satisfying and convenient experience when cruising, downhill racing, or traveling. As its name suggests, a common longboard may range between 84 and 150 centimeters in deck length.

Some common longboard shapes are swallowtails, pintails,  flat-nose riders, or pintails decks. Each shape features a unique design riding style that gives users some advantages.

Long Skateboards Are Ideal For Cruising
Long Skateboards Are Ideal For Cruising

How Much Do Longboards Cost?

The average longboards from brands range between $150 and $400 in price. You will get a decent riding experience and produce quality in this price range.

The longboard’s price is determined by factors like features, designs, materials, and purposes.

It is hard to determine the average price of all the longboard products on the market. Many cheap skateboards cost less than $50, but they come with pretty low quality and design.

Many high-end longboards are equipped with modern hardware and expensive materials. These products can go up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

A skateboard for around $50 to $140 is decent for basic skateboarding with sturdy build quality and utility.

What Do You Get For An Under $100 Skateboard?

Due to the improvement in production technologies and increasing competition between the brands, longboards are getting cheaper. Nowadays, you can find affordable skateboards with beautiful designs and great features.

The cheapest longboards (less than $100) are designed for the beginner who wants to practice riding a skateboard. Although they are nowhere as good as the expensive ones, these products can still fulfill all the basic needs.

However, to reduce the cost, the manufacturers have to use cheap materials (commonly plastic) for the skateboard wheels and decks. You may regret spending on a $50 skateboard as it can break or run down easily.

In addition, the cheap longboards don’t provide a very good cruising experience.

The wheels are not sturdy and can run down quickly, while the deck is not sturdy enough to perform tricks.

An Under $300 Board Is Sufficient For Your Needs
An Under $300 Board Is Sufficient For Your Needs

What Do You Get For A $100 – $300 Skateboard?

You can find many skateboards offered by reputable brands in this price range.

They are designed for mass users and can provide a decent and smooth user experience.

The $100 – $300 products come with attractive and modern designs. Although many skateboards are made of plastic, they feature more excellent and sturdy build quality.

So, you can freely cruise and travel without worrying about the longboards running down. They will remain beautiful and durable for a much longer time.

Also, some products in this category are equipped with modern hardware like electric motors and distance tracking. This price range is ideal for regular users who want the best value for money.

What Do You Get For An Expensive Skateboard?

If you want a skateboard for regular cruising and practicing, a skateboard for under $100 or $150 is sufficient. However, the professional and skillful riders will need the more expensive skateboards for trick performance.

The riding experience on the overpriced and high-end products is simply fantastic. They may be the limited editions produced by reputable brands that are sought-after by skateboard enthusiasts.

However, a more expensive skateboard brings significantly greater quality. The most noticeable difference lies in the design and material. They are commonly made of rare wood, stainless steel, or aluminum.

Most longboards for more than 300$ feature an electric motor and modern technologies. Their long-lasting battery life also allows users to commute and travel long distances effortlessly.

Their beautiful appearance and durability are essential for the tricks performer.

With the top-notch features, capacity, and visual appearance, this category is devoted to skillful skateboarders and longboard lovers.

The Electric Boards Are Generally More Costly
The Electric Boards Are Generally More Costly

Factors That Affect Longboards Prices

Here are some main factors that decide the price of a longboard:

  • Brand: Recognizable brands charge higher for their products.
  • Size: The larger the deck and wheel size, the most expensive the skateboards are. A brand may offer to use different size options for the same skateboard, which varies costs.
  • Deck: Decks can be made of plastic, wood, or premium materials like steel. As the price increases, you can find more durable, flexible, and eye-catching decks with more riding comfort.
  • Wheel choice: The more expensive skateboards give you greater braking capacity and acceleration due to the better wheel construction and material. As a result, you get a safer and more satisfying riding experience.
  • Motor Type: The more powerful motors will increase the cost of skateboards significantly. The mid-range products often use dual motors, providing a decent riding speed.
  • Portability And Weight: The lighter boards can travel faster, but they provide less balance when riding. The expensive boards are very light and portable, but they feature a special design that gives more balance.

Longboard Cost By Brand?

Here are the average price ranges for popular skateboard brands to consider:

Brand Name Price Range
Landyachtz  $170 – $250
Arbor $150 – $210
Loaded $290 – $360
Globe $150 – $230
Sector 9 $140 – $225
Rayne $200 – $250
Omen  $160 – $250
Dusters California $145 – $230
DB $140 – $310
Moonshine $250 – $340


How Much Should You Pay For A Longboard?

If you are a beginner, I recommend choosing affordable longboards that cost between $50 and $100. They are an ideal option to start practicing and improve your riding skills with a decent performance and design.

For the regular skateboarders, consider choosing the mid-range products ranging from $150 to $300. They offer the best value for your money, providing a satisfying riding experience.

You can consider the expensive longboards if for a spare budget. However, a longboard that costs more than $500 often has unnecessary features.

Of course, their design and features are top-notch, but this category is quite overpriced. Unless you are a longboarding enthusiast or professional rider, spending more than $300 on a skateboard is not necessary.

If you want more in-depth instruction, consider watching the video below.

Consider Your Riding Styles And Purposes
Consider Your Riding Styles And Purposes

Final Thoughts

How much do longboards cost? To sum up, most high-quality longboards with great design, materials, and features fall in the $150-$300 price range.

Of course, you can find much cheaper or more expensive products, but this is the best category to consider for most skateboarders.

I hope that you are satisfied with the information provided in this post.

Thank you and see you in our next update!

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