How Much Weight Can A Longboard Hold? 8 Factors Affect The Weight Capacity

How much weight can a longboard hold? Many beginner surfers ask this question when choosing a new skateboard.

The key is to get the maximum weight you will put on the deck when using it. This question is quite tricky for new players.

This article was created to guide and help you discover the above questions. From there, you will get the most accurate answer for yourself.

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How Much Weight Can A Longboard Hold?

A man rides on the straight road on a longboard at sunset time
A man rides on the straight road on a longboard at sunset time

On average, longboards can hold up to 200 to 250 pounds. 8-ply decks are usually more potent and have a higher load capacity.

With this load, skaters can confidently glide on the skateboard comfortably without worrying about stretching the board. It means this device will not have any cracks when using it.

The average weight of a person falls in the range of 180 pounds. Please note the maximum load to keep yourself safe.

Yet, those whose payload exceeds this number can find a way to enjoy the game.

Several brands have sought to develop 9-ply longboards or above for heavyweight riders. Its maximum payload can be up to 300 pounds.

The most critical factor in determining the load of a plank is the deck. However, that is not all.

You should keep many factors in mind when choosing a suitable longboard. The right decision will give you an excellent product for your subsequent use.

Longboard Weight Capacity: The Affecting Factors

Many factors determine the base load of a longboard. To classify and evaluate a good skateboard quickly, you need to have some knowledge about them.

Longboard pintail sunny day summer park blurred background
Longboard pintail sunny day summer park blurred background


The primary material of the deck will have an impact on its weight capacity.

As for the longboard, you can find four different options in the materials section. Each type has its own characteristics and effects. These include:

Carbon Fiber

This material is one of the most luxurious longboard materials.

Their weight is very light, only four lbs, and their durability is also very high. The maximum weight of carbon fiber can withstand 250 lbs.

Yet, the downside of this plank is that it will create bad crumbs when cracked.

Maple Wood

Maple wood is one of the most popular materials for longboards. Beginners and young adults are most likely to use this type of skateboard.

Maple wood skateboards typically have seven to nine layers of ply. Although it looks simple, the material is durable enough to hold a 220 – 300 lbs weight.

Bamboo Wood

Bamboo wood is another material that people often use to build decks for longboards. Its weight is very light at only about five lbs.

The payload of bamboo is impressive as it can be up to 320 lbs. It makes this material an ideal choice for long-haul boards.

The main disadvantage of bamboo is that it is very fragile when used for complex tricks. However, you also do not need to expect much from cheap materials.

Vinyl Plastic

The vinyl has a fragile construction that limits the weight to around 200 lbs.

However, vinyl is highly fragile if skaters use rough movements because it is light and thin. This material is only used for transporting longboards.

Deck Shape & Size

The shape and size of the deck will also affect the maximum weight the device can withstand.

A general rule for choosing a longboard is that the more extensive and prolonged the board, the better.

However, size does not determine everything, but the size and design also affect more or less.

Skateboards with short decks will be lighter but more difficult to control. This device cannot achieve good fortune quickly when going downhill.

Meanwhile, longboards use more materials, so they are much heavier. It will limit the device’s speed when going uphill, but it’s excellent for fast downhill.

The most popular lengths of longboards range from 7 inches to 11 inches. The larger the board, the more space it has to provide more support for your legs.

Those weighing between 200 and 250 lbs will fit longboards 7 to 9 inches wide.

For widths exceeding 10 to 11 inches, this device will have a better load capacity and respond to more complicated tricks.

As for the shape of longboards, curved designs tend to be more stable than flat designs. So for technical skaters, stick with curvilinear designs for better balance and stability.


With a quality set of trucks, it becomes easier to support a heavy body. To distribute weight evenly on the wheels, trucks must be solid and durable.

There are two choices of trucks that you can use:

Double Kingpin

A double kingpin is a perfect choice for heavy guys. This type of truck sometimes comes with a broader stance, better support, and higher loads.

For big and powerful riders, a double kingpin is a reasonable choice.

Reverse Kingpin

Besides, average riders can experiment with the reverse kingpin. They offer maximum flexibility, lightness, and agility.

However, the reverse kingpin is too fragile against heavyweight skaters.


You can consider the load of a longboard through the wheel. The sturdier the wheel, the greater its ability to hold weight.

When riders participate in long-distance racing, the wheel is the most challenging part to compress and deform. Diameter from 70 to 75 mm is the most suitable number you choose in the market.

Medium-weight skaters usually use 80a durometer wheels. On the other hand, the 90a durometer is suitable for heavy players with high control and precision.


A wheelbase is a number that refers to the distance between the wheels on a longboard.

The shorter the distance, the higher the wheel stability. However, inexperienced riders will find it harder to slide and turn.

Board length also affects your skateboarding style, whether carving or commuting. Keep this in mind to make the right choice.


Ply also means layer. For skateboards, it means layers of wood.

The 9-ply devices will be decks consisting of nine layers of wood pressed together. If you are a big and heavy guy, opt for at least 9-ply thick or more boards.


The choice of bushings and bearings is also crucial for heavy riders to help them have a smooth riding experience.

For bushings, choose oversized bushings for increased control and control over your equipment. Those bushings higher than 93a on the durometer are a reasonable choice.


Heavy riders often need higher quality materials than usual. The most suitable material should be steel instead of any other metal and ceramic.

The high-quality bearings will help you make sharp turns easily and are lightweight without any difficulty.

Why Does The Weight Limit Of A Longboard Matter?

Young caucasian man practicing skateboarding on the beach
Young caucasian man practicing skateboarding on the beach

When you want to choose a suitable skateboard, you need to pay attention to the ratio between your body weight and height. However, this trait should not be an issue if you have a good balance.

Comfort is key. Everyone has different characteristics and habits and the concept of comfort.

So, the big and long tables are not necessarily the best choice for you. Stick with the most straightforward equipment to use and gradually reap the rewards.

If you pay attention to the weight limit, it will be easier to choose the right skateboard. Besides, these products will also have more durability over time.

Once you understand what you want to feel, skateboarding won’t be a problem, no matter how big you are.

How To Modify A Longboard To Fit With Your Body Type

Longboards are a versatile and effectively adjustable device. So, make the most of this feature for the best performance.

You don’t have to use longboards as soon as you buy them at the store. Instead, try some of the following modifiers to customize its shape to fit your body type.

  • Choose longboards with high-quality materials such as carbon fiber or bamboo. Hybrid materials are also a suitable option.
  • Look for boards that come with ergonomic handles.
  • Use larger rotors if you are concerned about falling off the board during sliding.
  • Soft boards are usually more flexible. In contrast, the rigid board offers more sturdiness and stability.
  • Small wheels make the speed of the board faster. On the contrary, large wheels provide high strength.
  • Each time you drive, secure and tighten your kingpin bolts.
  • Avoid too hard or too soft boards as they will be challenging to use.
  • Products with durable, strong, and high-quality trucks will often have longer-lasting support.
  • Smooth wheels will have better grip and more effective shock absorption on rough terrain.


If you have any questions regarding longboards, please explore the answers.

How Big Should A Longboard Be For A Beginner Surfer?

Your board should be 23″ wide and 9’4″ long, for starters.

If you have a compact body shape, you can reduce the width to 22 ½ inches. In contrast, people with great weight can increase the width to 23 ½ inches.

Can Longboarding Lose Weight?

Yes, longboarding is a sport, and it can help you lose weight. You can do and practice it every day.

This exercise can burn a decent amount of fat. Plus, you also have a fun and energetic weight loss experience.

What Is The Maximum Weight A Skateboard Can Hold?

A regular or complete skateboard can hold about 272.3 pounds. Compared to longboards’ 300-pound maximum, this number seems much more modest.

At the same time, a penny board can only hold a maximum of 182 pounds. Therefore, it is only suitable for small riders.


A medium-length board has weight limits that range from 200 to 250 lbs. High-end skateboards with eight or more plies will have higher support and vice versa.

Besides, many other factors also affect the weight of the skateboard, such as material, shape, wheels, or trucks.

Discovering and understanding all of the elements and components of a skateboard will help you make better decisions.

We believe that anyone can find a suitable skateboard. We hope this article can help you in that process.

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