How To Carry A Longboard? 7 Useful Ways Shared By Experienced Skaters

Longboards are challenging to carry in some circumstances, such as in public, during a climb, and anything else that requires carrying. You’ll need to get off and take it in various settings.

Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled a list of simple methods to transport your longboards. There are a few things you can do to make things simpler.

Let’s start by learning how to carry a longboard!

How To Carry A Longboard?

You may carry a longboard in any of the following ways:

By Hand

By hand
By hand

When you’re going for a short stroll or an uphill climb and the only item you have with you is your longboard, it’s acceptable to carry it by hand.

It’s the most typical way to transport your longboard since you can quickly drop your deck and go for a ride as soon as you’re tired.

If your longboard has an enormous deck of about 40 inches, you’ll need to tuck it under your arm and against your hip or thigh. However, ensure that the grip tape does not face your clothing, or it will wear out.

Use Shoulder Straps

Shoulder straps
Shoulder straps

Because it is lightweight and quite comfy, you may carry a longboard on your shoulder by hanging it from a shoulder strap.

A shoulder strap or utility belt allows you to leave your hands free when carrying your longboard and is light enough not to annoy you while riding.

It is not recommended for long journeys since your shoulder may get painful.

It will help if you pick up something compact and lightweight. A rope made of neoprene is ideal for its heavy load and durability.

Put It In A Shoulder Bag

Shoulder bag shoulder bags cross between a shoulder strap and a backpack.

They provide more comfort and security than a shoulder strap while being less bulky and simpler to fold than other solutions such as a backpack.

They’re similar to longboard duffle bags. These bags usually feature a single strap that you may wear over one shoulder.

A high-quality item should consist of a robust and water-resistant mesh that’s also machine washable. It should also include a single adjustable strap that you may wear over the torso or on one shoulder and padding on the belt for comfort.

They provide more comfort and safety than a shoulder strap while being less bulky and simpler to fold than alternatives such as the backpack.

Utilize Backpack

Day excursions and long-distance rides need the use of backpacks. You will need to carry gloves, helmets, added wheels and trucks, water bottles, and safety pads.

Backpacks are a good idea because you can efficiently fasten street skateboarders’ boards onto them.

Passing the longboard deck over the shoulder straps of a well-padded backpack makes it easier to carry. It may be pretty pleasant unless you have to pass through tight doorways.

The following video will show you how to take a backpack and attach straps to it so you can carry your skateboard.

Put It In A Travel Bag

Travel bag
Travel bag

Most airlines don’t allow longboards to carry hand luggage. A travel bag for your longboard may be appropriate for going on a more extended vacation or flying.

If you need to protect your longboard, you can quickly wrap it in a blanket and fit it into a shoulder bag. However, if the board is high-end, such as a Loaded Icarus or Tesseract, you may want to spend some money on safeguarding it.

Use A Longboard Bag

Longboard Bag
Longboard Bag

Longboard bags are designed exclusively for transporting longboards. They are a superior option to straps, although they may be pricey.

Longboard bags provide additional protection and safety for your longboards, particularly when traveling to a remote place. They’re also quite handy and comfy to use.

Make a Homemade Skateboard Carrier

You will need

  • Scissors
  • Rope
  • Tape
  • Shoulder pad


  1. Use a simple hangman’s knot to secure the cord to the top truck.
  2. Place the other end of the rope through the shoulder pad’s material.
  3. Stick the board to the bottom after wrapping the rope around the trucks.
  4. Set the length of the string so that it is most comfortable for you. You may now remove the board while leaving the cord wrapped around the truck’s bottom.
  5. Make any changes you think are necessary.

When Do You Need To Carry A Longboard?

This question arises often. The following are the most probable scenarios in which you’ll need to carry your board somehow.

Climb uphill

Longboards aren’t designed to tackle steep hills. They’re made for cruising and slicing downhill; however, since you are walking uphill on your longboard, this may take some time.

Moving around the city

When cruising in metropolitan areas, you may come across locations unsuitable for longboards. You pick up your board and walk, sometimes for long periods.

Biking to a skating location

You may opt to ride your bike to a skating destination since the road is too terrible to skate your longboard on. While biking, you’ll need a practical method to transport your longboard.

Longboard commuting

If you ride your board to work or school, you will typically take up your longboard when you get to your destination to walk along corridors or halls, climb stairs, or use elevators.

Travel to a faraway place

If you’re going on a long journey that needs air travel or long-distance travel, you’ll need to bring your longboard. The best thing to do to travel comfortably is to carry or store your longboard.


How do you attach a skateboard to a backpack?

The simplest method is to place the board sideways on the bottom of the straps before putting it on your bag. Alternatively, you may insert the tail in the lower belt and clasp the top to keep the board in place.

Can I fly with a skateboard?

Skateboards are accepted as carry-on luggage and are subject to the same size limits as other carry-on luggage under 45 linear Inches.

Can you bring a longboard on United airlines?

United Airlines accepts longboards as checked luggage or carry-on, while motorized boards are not permitted.

They will offer you the regular allotment for checked baggage, and depending on the number of bags, you may need to pay for a checked bag.

Wrapping up

We looked at various solutions for transporting your longboard, from just holding it in your hands to utilizing simple or premium shoulder straps, travel bags, or shoulder bags.

You may now carry your longboard in whatever manner you choose. You will have a fantastic ride if you choose the proper method for your riding demands.

I hope that my information on how to carry a longboard was helpful.

Thank you for reading!

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